Child Proof Outlets

The professional installation of child proof outlets is a permanent way to protect your children, grandchildren, or any visiting toddlers from the risk of electrical shock from one of your home’s outlets. Because electrical safety is our number one goal, we highly recommend installing them in your New Jersey home.

Why Do We Need Child Proof Outlets?

2,555 children suffer from electrocution from electrical outlets each year*. 70% of those children are being supervised by an adult at the time of the injury. Small children move fast, and because their fingers are so little they pose a dangerous hazard around the small outlet openings. To reduce these electrical injuries, electrical safety guidelines have been put in place by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). The guidelines, which were enacted in 2008, require that any new dwellings constructed install child proof outlets instead of the older outlet options. Also called tamper resistant outlets, these updated receptacles eliminate the risk of electrocution, therefore making your home safer.

How Do Child Proof Outlets Work?

Unlike traditional, or older outlets, tamper resistant outlets have spring-loaded shutters. The shutters block the openings of the outlet, hence working as a barrier. This barrier is in place to prevent the insertion of fingers or small items that children may try to put into the receptacle.

Have Child Proof Outlets Installed

The installation of tamper resistant outlets only mandated in new construction. It also prevents serious injury to small children from electrical shock. If you are building a new house or adding an addition to your home, give our professional electricians a call. They will expertly install the outlets, because providing your space with a safe and up-to-code source of electricity is our goal.

Our electricians are outlet upgrade experts. Need child proof outlets retrofitted in your existing living space? Our electricians are able to quickly and efficiently replace the outlets that you have now. They will come out to your home, evaluate the upgrade and give you upfront pricing.

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